Welcome to the Psychological Evaluation for Ground And Space Under Stress Institute. This experiment is now active.

Hello and welcome. It is my pleasure to introduce to you to the Obsidian Portal site, which we will be using to conduct the experiment. If this is your first time taking part in a PEGASUS experiment, we recommend you read the below section in order to familiarize yourself with the type of testing you will be taking part in, and how the website supports this.

The specific experiment parameters can be viewed in the "Adventure Log" section of this site. Important background information on the participants can be viewed in the "Characters" section when that information is released. The "Forums" will be used both to store information as well as provide a location for feedback. The "Adventure Log" will contain a rolling summary of the events to date in the experiment. Additional information will be displayed in the "Maps", "Media Library", and "Calendar" section as necessary depending on your particular experiment.

This experiment is listed as a two party system where one group is given a task, and another group is given information in order to direct the first. This is the non-active group, meaning your role in this experiment will be to review information as it is provided to you and to make key decisions which will be enforced upon the other group.

Please note, at all times safety protocols will be in place and neither you nor anyone else involved in the experiment will be in danger. However, several methods may be employed in order to enhance the realism of the scenario for those in the active group. We ask that you take these matters seriously in order to maintain the integrity of the experiment.

Once again, thank you for your participation, and we look forward to working with you over the next two weeks.



The PEGASUS Institute

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