The PEGASUS Institute

Experiment AA682232 is now active

Experiment Briefing

The complete experiment brief follows. Please note circumstances may change in the future. Any such updates will be reflected here at the time of occurrence. This experiment is set in a near-future scenario in which space flight to planetary bodies is possible, and small scale colonization has begun. For this experiment, all parties are asked to accept the following technologies as reality:

  1. Suspended Animation (Cryogenics)
  2. Multi-year Spaceflight
  3. Low level artificial intelligence systems

The format for the test will be two group co-operative. One party will act as "Mission Command" representing a non-trained emergency response team. This group will have communication with the 2nd party and will be given complete authority over their actions. The second group will act as a ship crew and have been placed inside an isolated testing chamber in order to simulate the environment. When the experiment begins an emergency situation will be simulated. Both groups must work together in order to achieve mission success.

Please note. This entire website and all material on it is dedicated to the first group. If you are reading this, you are part of the command team. This is the last communication you will receive concerning the experiment. From here on all communications will be sent via active participants in the experiment.



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